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samba nite

It was amazing, i'm having the time of my life. life is so beautiful. i was dancing samba all night long. i love samba, i love caipirinha, i love meeeeen, i love my life hahahaha
now going for 2 days to the summer cottage by the ocean. yay laying on the beach for 2 days. sunny, sunny side of the street again.

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Day 1

27 °C

I reached Sao Paulo. It was a trip full of excitment. First meeting with Sarah. We had a lunch in some pasta bar, then we made a little round in the citycenter. It is amazing that after 6 years we can still laugh about the same jokes. Anyway i really enjoyed our meeting.

The flight was ok, but i cannot understand why is it always me who meets wirdows! I was sitting close to the brazilian guy who didnt´t speak in any language that i am able to comunicate. So at first he tried to talk to me in english, but it was impossible so we swiched to a mixture of languages. Anyway i thought he is kind of nice, he was always smilling. During the night when i fall asleep i thought someone is tauching my head. I opend my eyes and that brazilian was indeed holding his hands on my head. WTF So i had to moove one place further. I guess i have kind of wirdow magnetism. It happens very often!

When we landed i met some italians who will be backpacking for the following next months and we probably meet again. Afterall a brazilian boy gave me a ride to the metrostation where i met Kasia.

Now staying at Joao´s and Kasia´s place. They live in a really cool house, full of various kind of art. Since Jasiek is a photograher and Kasia helps him, they went right now to make some pictures. I am resting a bit, relaxing with lonly planet guidebook and cold wanter. Btw it is so hot! I really feel like holiday. Tonight is going to be a samba night and i have a feeling it is going to be a good night.

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Frankfurt calling

Ich bin gerade in Frakfurt. Mein Gott ich habe Deutschland vermissed. Das Geruch ist gleich in jedem deuschen Stadt. Für mich es `smells´ nach currywurst. Ich treffe Sarah bald und wir essen lunch zusammen. Danach fliege ich nach Sao Paulo. Ich bin sooo gespannt. Endlich konnte ich ein Fürerbuch Lonly Planet über Brazilien kaufen. Das wird ein schönes Zeit sein.
bis nachher!

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One week left

Today i've been talking with dad and mom about my travel. Finally i told them all the details. I could imagine they won't be happy about it. Anyway i promised them not to leave my brain in Poland :) I will use it sometimes, i hope so!
The good news is, that my buddy from high school in Berlin picks me up in Frakfurt. Sarah mooved over a couple of years ago and i'm really curious how is she doing, since we haven't seen each other for ages.
Next i'll be flying to Sao Paulo where i will meet Pati- an old polish high school friend. I'll stay with her and her boyfiend for a while.
I have an idea to visit Rio and moove up north, but knowing what's going to happen around every corner is not what travel is all about.

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here i come

rain 5 °C

I bought flight tickets to Sao Paulo. November 5. - December 21. 2009. I still can't belive i'm traveling to Brasil...

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