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Chichenitza, Saltilio, Montrrey, Mexico city, Sao Paulo

Second ancient city, called Chichenitza, that i visited during my stay in Riviera Maya in Mexico amazed me. Huge piramides from Mayan age has been remaining in those place since more then 20 centuries. Chichen Itza was a major regional focal point in the northern Maya country from the Late Classic to the early Postclassic period. The site exhibits a multitude of architectural styles, from what is called “Mexicanized” and reminiscent of styles seen in central Mexico to the Puuc style. Mayan people represent a totally different culture than Mexican. They even have their own language. Faces of mayan people are totally different than Mexican one. Edicia discribed them as "not as pretty as mexican". Yesss this is true, they are kind of weird. In Poland we say that beauty is a metter of taste ...

Travelling is people that you meet. In Playa del Carmen we have met plenty of them, but not only people in our age. The most impressive was a group of 6 guys from Mexico City, with whome we have spent the last day on the beach. However the age difference was huge, cause they were around 35-60 years old, we have found a common language. Since they were involved in some kind of ´book business´ they knew a lot about international literature and... what impressed me mostly was the fact that they have read all of the Ryszard Kapuscinski´s books and they loved them. They even met him personally during some kind of bookfair in MexCity. It is amazing how small the word is and people from the different hemisphere of the earth have the same authorities. Actually the last day in Playa del Carmen was the best ever. Besides the creative conversations, we have made a plenty of pictures with a friend who is involved in photography and has a big bazoooki camera hahaha. Those pictures will for sure remind me and Edy a wonderful reunion after 7 years of not seeing eachother.

Last weekend in Saltilio - the city in northern Mexico were Edicia´s family lives was really busy. Besides sightseeing in Saltilio and Montrrey we enjoyed the company of Edy´s friend´s and her brothers. Poor Edy had to work today and i am enjoying the big Mexico city! The clubs in Mexico are great. Live rock music, relaxed ambience, happy people, various kind of tequila drinks...

The way back to Brazil was kind of hectic. I had hard time trying to catch a plane from mexico city to sao paulo. I was travelling for 48 hours already and when i finally was supposed to get into the plane, the mexican airlines cancelled the flight... I was soooo tired and pissed off. My backpack was lost for couple of hours, i was wearing shorts and a t-shirt so i was freezing. Finally everything ended up just perfect, Mexicana paid a nice nice hotel and i could rest for couple of hours.

On wednesday i reached sao paulo. Sampa is the place where i could possibly live one day. It was cool to meet my friends again. since kasias mother is in the town, i am staying with other friends in downtown. I also enjoy the place, especially cause the companion is just perfect. brazilians whith whom i am staying are having an awesome appartment on the 13th floor with a great view.

On monday Poland. Yeahhhh i miss my family and friends but i am sure it will be hard to leave this beautiful country and first of all people that were around me during my trip...
One day i will come back!!!

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Cultural site of Mexico

Each day i like and enjoy Mexico more. A great role plays Edi in this trip. She is a great guide threw Mexican lifestyle. And indeed Mexican lifestyle is totally different than Brazilian. Yet I cannot say which one i prefer.

Monday we had spent in an ancient town called Tulum. The city is known for a bunch of old stone buildings which were done 2 thousend years ago. Tulum is particularly impressive cause it is situated on top of stone cliffs that spill down to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean below. When i entered the modest walled city, it took my breath away. The Mayans' extraordinary architectural and cultural accomplishments rival those of the world's other great civilizations. It is hard to explain but entering those kind of places you start to consider how is it possible that those buildings, culture and civilization still exist, after so many years.

Sunday was relaxing in Playa del Carmen in the beach club "Kool" which is really cool.IMG_1368.jpgIMG_1359.jpgIMG_1358.jpg

We will repeat it today, but only if Edy wakes up after Coco Bongo night! The best club with live show and music i have ever been to. The problem is that after a tiring night i cannot sleep. How is it called... probably hangover!

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Viva Mexico!

Most of my friends probably know, that i am in Mexico right now. I know, i should have told my dear parents that i am changing the timezone ealier. I didn´t only because i didn´t want to stress them. And i am really sorry for it. Sillyhead Aga made a sillthing again! Anyway the idea to come to Mexico was kind of fast. Edicia - my mexican friend from high school (it seems that year 2009 is a year of high school reunions hahaha) was supposed to come to northeast Brasil but she didn´t get a visa. So since we were planning our meeting for agaes we decided we will meet in Mexico.

Right now we are in Playa del Carmen, close to Cancun. My first impression of Mexico was really bad. I landed in Mexico city early in the morning. I was really tired (btw I would never advice anyone to fly with Mexicana). But the hell started when it came to filling up some kind of documents. There were so many people that we had to wait around 2 hours to talk to the immigration officer. The one i was talking with was soooo scary that when i was leaving he told me ´don´t loose your immigration papers, if you ever want to come back home´ WOW hahahaha now i am really scaired! No, but to be honest i have to keep some kind of papers, i don´t undersatnd what for cause when i loose it i am screwed. Even in the States I haven´t seen so much determination, but OK! I do it! I will do my best not to loose it!

Playa del Carmen is really cool. I am staying with Edy in her friend´s place. It is really nice and close to the beach. Edy and Gabi are yoga freaks and since there is some kind of yoga master in the town, they are running each morning to the classes. I used to practice yoga and i like it a lot, but c´mon, i am not in India, i am in Mexico hahahaha. Honestly those two have inspired me to start practicing yoga again.

Beaches in Playa del Carmen are beautiful but since i saw beaches in Cabo Frio and Buzios in Brazil nothing seems to be more beautiful than those places. And the food. What can i say it is awesome! Enchilada, tacos with guacamole, burrito and many more ... hummmm delish. And what is important... Mexico is really cheap!

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