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November 2009

Rio de Janeiro

Rio was great but i still do like more Sao Paulo. All my friends from Rio - Cariocas (people who live in Rio), probably are unhappy hearing this again but as i said before, i am a city girl. I love big cities. Rio is of course big but it is too hot, people are more relaxed but nothing is on time. So there are as always adventages and disadventeges. If i want to go to the beach i prefer to go outside the city as we did in Sao Paulo. Ipanema and Copacabana do not impress me at all. Who would like to sit on the beach and smell the polution from the cars which are passing behind your back. I know who - CARIOCAS! Besides that, during the weekends, those beaches are tottaly packed. You cannot relax. It means they spend the time over just to show their beautiful bodies. And indeed it is truth that Cariocas really take care of their appearence. Comparing Cariocas to Paulistas it is like heaven and hell.
What i liked the most was of course samba yesterday. I am really predictable.
Story about Rio will be continued soon.
Now beach time. Cabo Frio, sandy beaches, cristal water....

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A city girl spends a weekend on a farm in Cassilandia.


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the trip has started!

It was really difficult to leave Sao Paulo. I enjoyed a lot the time, the atmosphere of the city and of course people i met over. Finally on monday i pushed myself to go up north. From the beginning i had some, i would call it "lows" in travelling. At the beginning i didn't catch a bus at 8 am to Paraty, cause i wake up too late. When i arrived to the bus station i realized there are no tickets for the next bus at 12 am. So i decided to change my plan. First i went to Ubatuba, which is supposed to be nice but it isn't. Then i wanted to catch a bus to Paraty. Unfortunatelly it was not a good idea, cause i arrived to Paraty at midnight and realized that the french guy who is supposed to wait for me on his boat had to sail somewhere... So i was in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. But everything ended up just perfect. I found a really nice hippie hostel with really nice hippie owners... There were plenty of backpackers travelling just like i do. Finally i changed my plans and stayed in Paraty one night longer. The following day i made a boat trip. I felt like in moovie "The Beach" There are so many georgous beaches around Paraty. I couldn't belive my eyes. I was in paradise for sure!

Next was Rio but only for a day and a night. I suppose i will return the following week but don't know exactly when. Carla- the girl i'm staying with is creazy but in a possitive way. Talks a lot and comparing to me she is a real devil. I mean i am an angel comparing to her. I'm sure she is not angry if she is reading this. She showed me around Rio. The most exciting was a ride to Santa Theresa with the trolley. More about Rio next week.

And finally the weekend on the farm with Thiago and his family. So all the time i thought i'm going to Uberlandia but i was wrong. I'm in Cassilandia. It is a different state and actually it is hard to mix this two cities but sillyhead Aga did it! I was probably wrong cause Natalia was always associating Thiago with Uberlandia where he went to high school. Anyway staying on the farm was a totally new experience. We had spent the whole day on the farm with a lot of cows, pigs and other animals. Thiago was suppose to help in vaccining the cows and i was supposed to help him but i was just a papparazzi, making tones of pictures.

Thiago's family is lovely. Thanks to them I felt like home. Cassilandia- the town where Thiago grew up is really small. There are of course adventages and disadventeges of living in such a small place. The biggest adventage is the feeling that you are safe. You can go out alone in the middle of the night and nothing bad will happen to you.
Besides i like a lot the views. I have never seen in my life such a mixture of colours: very red ground, very green trees and a blue blue sky. It's a beautiful view!

What's more. Good news. Brazilians are like polish. They eat pizza with ketchup, yeaaa I love it

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the power of positive drinking

Probably too tired to write about the weekend but i'll do my best. Last moments in Sao Paulo for a while. I'll be back around christmas for couple of days before heading back home. I'm going tomorrow to Paraty - lovely colonial town situated close to the bay with turquoise water. Staying over for 2 days. After Rio!
One of the brazilian composers said that without samba there is an emptiness that would never be filled. It's a pill for the sickness and a medicine for the heart. I defintely have to agree with him. During my stay in Sao Paulo i've been to variuos kind of parties. Those with samba music were the most groovy and amusing. I have to say that the small club in Villa Madalena called 'o do borogodo' took my heart. Tiny place with live music, locals drinking cold beer and marvellous music.
But Brazilians do not always dance samba. On saturday we had joined Rodrigo's party who was supposed to go to Europe on sunday evening. It was kind of 'good bye' party filled with caipirihna.
Thanks to Kasia and Joao my stay in SP was exceptional. The best guides ever! Thank you!

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parque do ibirapuera

On friday we wanted to escape a bit from the city center of Sao Paulo and it was a great idea to spend couple of hours in parque do ibirapuera. It is the biggest green space in Sao Paulo, in addition it serves as a center of the city's cultural life with: museum of contemporary art, museum of modern art, afro-brazil museum and a big auditorium wich looks like a spaceship from star trek.
During the lunchtime we had a meeting with Daniel from CS. It was a nice time. He has showed us typical japaneese restaurant in av paulista. Since there is a big japanese comunity in Sao Paulo, there are plenty of japanese restaurants but it is hard to pick a good one when you are a gringo. Thanks to Daniel we know right now that japanese don't always eat sushi and sashimi. There are plenty of japanese dishes which are really exellent and have nothing in common with sushi.
And the night... Again creazy samba night with our new buddies from Sao Paulo. Unfortunatelly they are leaving tomorrow for a month to Europe.

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independance day

oi, yesterday was the polish independence day. First we wanted to cook polish food for the brazilian friends in Kasia's place but there is supposed to be no water till today so we were invited to Fabio's place. And actually it was a good idea. His kichen is very good equiped. So we did: kasza gryczana with skwarki, oscypek with zurawina, placki ziemniaczane and hering. Everything was really delicious.


Besides that i do sightseeing every day. Each day i try to spend some time in a different part of the city. I love Sao Paulo. I think i was born to live in big cities. I had simillar feeling while visiting Istanbul last summer.

But today is a shopping day. The best retreat for women.

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